Artemis™ is the worlds most advanced Laser therapy device for HORSES. 

It is used to treat HORSES by:

  • RIM™ | Rapid Inflammatory Mitigation
  • NRT™ | Noninvasive Regenerative Therapy

Both those protocols allow us to treat horses for:

Tendon and Ligament injuries

Bone Bruising and cartilage injury

Joint Inflammation

Pain Relief


The Artemis™, one of the most powerful therapy devices available for veterinary use, and is the only device that allows for limitless modification on the energy wave form to allow incredible depths of penetration, photomechanical effects, and bio-stimulation, resulting in efficacy for NRT™ and RIM™ therapy.

Artemis™ works at a wavelength that is poorly absorbed by tissues and causes a vibration of carbon-carbon bonds resulting in photomechanical cellular ‘massaging’ without generating harmful levels of heat.



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Artemis Laser

Artemis Laser