Pro-Stride Injection™

ACT - Protein Solution

(Anti-Inflammatory with IRAP/IL1-ra)

IRAP (Interleukin 1 receptor antagonist protein)  is a natural anti-inflammatory protein released by leukocytes at the site of injury. This protein is collected from blood by processing the leukocytes using a proprietary method. IRAP counteracts inflammation by blocking the inflammatory protein interleukin-1 within joints
The ACT Protein Separator used with the ACT Protein Concentrator collects white blood cells and uses a proprietary method to reprogram the cells to be anti-inflammatory, secreting IRAP. Collection and activation of macrophages suppresses joint inflammation and regenerates cartilage in early stage osteoarthritic joints (canine and equine studies have clearly demonstrated efficacy).

Pro-Stride Injection will reduce pain associated with arthritis and deliver naturally occurring anti-inflammatory proteins. Pro-Stride Injection is capable of slowing cartilage degradation and improving mobility.

  • Pain relief for up to one year  (A. Bertone, Am J Vet Res 2014; 75:141-151)

  • Concentrated solution of anti-inflammatory proteins including IRAP

  • <20 minute blood processing,one-time visit, single injection

  • Natural, autologous drug-free therapy

  • Slows cartilage degradation

  • Ambulatory based treatment

  • Improves mobility