Dental problems can create performance issues in sport horses. Due to the unique shape of the horse’s mouth, directly visualizing the teeth can be challenging. Sedation, full mouth speculum and either mirrors or intraoral camera are very important for evaluating and monitoring dental issues inside the mouth of horses. Fractured or infected teeth can cause chronic pain and discomfort, and may lead to incurable infections of the teeth which can extend into their sinuses or degrade the bones of the jaw, requiring extraction. Subtle malocclusions and sharp points can create discomfort in the bridle, resulting in performance issues, head shaking, and reluctance to accept contact with the reins.

Dr. Beach offers dentistry services including a full oral exam, dental charting, and dental x-rays as needed. She also works with other specialists to coordinate advanced imaging such as CT scans, or consultations for complicated standing oral surgeries. Dr. Maher also performs dental and sinus related surgeries for our clients as needed, both as standing procedures as well as under general anesthesia.

Dr. Beach performs safe and gentle powerfloat sedation dentistry utilizing with full visual techniques throughout the procedure following a complete oral exam, including intra-oral camera documentation as needed.

A fractured lower molar with food packing documented with intraoral camera.