The term “regenerative therapies” refers to the use of biological agents that originate from the horse as treatment for damaged tissue. Most commonly these agents come from the horse’s blood or bone marrow, but may also come from fat cells or other tissues. Once processed, these products can then be re-injected into the horse to promote healing at specific sites of injury.

Regenerative therapies are thought to improve the overall quality of healing by signalling the damaged tissue to repair itself at the cellular level with decreased reliance on scar tissue creating a more physiologically normal repair. Examples of regenerative therapies include:

These types of therapies are most commonly used in tendon and ligament injuries, but are also used in the treatment of joint disease or other soft-tissue injuries such as meniscal tears of the stifle. Atlantic Equine Services offers the most up-to-date regenerative therapies to aid in the complete healing of your equine athlete.