An accurate lameness diagnosis is dependent upon obtaining clear, high-quality diagnostic images and precise, experienced interpretation of those images. Atlantic Equine Services has the latest in advanced digital x-ray and ultrasound capabilities available to provide clear, diagnostic images on the farm.


Digital x-rays have revolutionized our ability to make a clear, accurate diagnosis of your horse at the farm. We have the latest in digital x-ray equipment needed to take high-quality radiographs whether it is part of a lameness workup, or as part of a pre-purchase examination.


Digital ultrasound is another important tool for accurately diagnosing lameness conditions in your horse. High quality ultrasound and skilled veterinarians can detect even subtle tendon and ligament injuries and catch a problem before it becomes severe.

Dr. Maher and Dr. Beach are both highly trained and skilled at image acquisition and interpretation. When needed, we also utilize the services of board certified radiologists who have the most advanced training in equine image interpretation to ensure the most accurate diagnosis is made for your horse.