“No foot, no horse.”

At Atlantic Equine Services, we realize that it takes a team to keep your equine athlete in top condition. One of the most important members of your team is your farrier.

During periodic soundness evaluations, we will assess the current shoeing to make sure it is appropriate for your horse. It is also helpful to schedule periodic radiographs for balance of your horse’s front feet. We will use these radiographs when we collaborate with your farrier to ensure that your horse’s feet are in optimal condition.

Balance radiographs allow veterinarians and farriers to assess:

  • sole depth
  • palmar angle
  • hoof pastern axis
  • medial-lateral balance
  • shoe placement and breakover point

lateral radiograph of horse’s foot to show angles and shoe placement for the farrier
dorso-palmar radiograph of a horse’s foot to show medial-lateral balance for the farrier

In addition to routine consultations with your farrier, we will also collaborate with farriers on therapeutic shoeing prescriptions for horses that are injured or who require a special shoeing prescription to maintain soundness.

Additional podiatry related services include:

  • Laminitis consultation
    • Venograms
    • Deep digital flexor tenotomy
  • Keratoma surgery
  • White line disease
    • Hoof wall resection, anesthesia
    • Radiographic planning
  • Canker